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Recommend me music?

I'm looking for *any* music, I'm not picky. Country, rap, techno, ambient, whatever the hell tickles your fancy. I just WANT MUSIC. D:


FA is down so I am sad. I have a new fursona I'll be using from now on. His name is Edaniel and he's a Catahoula leopard dog.

I'm still planning to try out for the army. If not that, then find SOME sort of job. It's so freakin hard to find one right now.

I guess that's about it. Also, I just came back from Alabama. It's a nice place, especially Gulf Shores. Reminds me of Miami. :3

G'd all :3

I finally decided on a fursona, my old hyena form. Still looking for a babyfur fursona, anyone wanna help with that?

By the way, my FA is Edaniel.

I'm looking into Job Corps, or possibly being trained as an animal handler at a zoo. That'd be awesome.

Nothin much else goin on, how bout with you guys?

Fursona chosen! And small updates

Made a decision on my fursona. It's a green cat named Edaniel (shamelessly stolen from Bizenghast). I'm making a secondary babyfur fursona as well since I like the community and clean stuff so much. I'm not sure what she'll be, but I'm thinking something extra-special-cute, like an Alaskan Klee Kai or other dog.

In non-furry news:
Started training for the army yesterday. My legs feel like jello. I'm really out of shape, but I gotta keep trying to build up my endurance.

Also, I really like this new Monster Nitrous. Holy crap, it's like liquid candy. SO GOOD. At first it created a huge buzz, but now it kinda flops.

That's about it!

G'day all.

Good day. I am Edaniel, an 18 year old bisexual furry therian. My life is somewhat bland, but I hope someone finds it enjoyable. I enjoy all sorts of things; from taxidermy to furry to studying to energy drinks.

My situation:
I live with my grandparents and mother. My grandparents are not very supportive. My grandmother constantly nags, and my grandfather (a pastor) never talks at all. My mother is a bit strange to be honest. She likes to spend money to keep me happy, but doesn't need to. She's a motorcycle tech student at NGTC.

As for me, I'm a high school dropout with a GED. I plan on joining the army. I want to be a taxidermist, but no one is hiring right now. I'm not very social because I don't have the gas or money to hang out at places. That's why I socialize online.
Some words that describe me: Lazy, careless, funny, bright, needy, relaxed, affectionate, shy.